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Yakushima Town is made up of two islands, Yakushima and Kuchinoerabujima. The main port is in Miyanoura and there is another port in Anbo, while the airport is in Koseda. The public ferry, Taiyo departs from Miyanoura and gets to Kuchinoerbujima Island in 90 minutes. 

There are different types of accommodation to choose from in Yakushima. From luxurious hotels or ryokans to minshuku, which are guest houses and are usually family run. There are also cottages and campsites on the island. Search for accommodation on the island on the map below or download the list of accommodation from our Download Files page.

Distances and driving times around the island:

Nagata → 10.5km/25min → Isso → 2.9km/10min → Shitoko → 7.0km/10min → Miyanoura → 8km/20min → Airport (Koseda) → 10.6km/15min → Anbo → 9.9km/15min →Toroki Waterfall (Hara) → 2.9km/10min → Onoaida → 5.7km/10min →Hirauchi → 10.4km/15min → Nakama → 3.0km/5min →Kurio → 4.0km/5min → Ohko Waterfall → 26.5km/50min → Nagata


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