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Around the Island


Seibu Rindoh Western Forest Path


A narrow and winding path located in the western part of Yakushima, it is the only Natural World Heritage area in Yakushima that is accessible by car. You can see a variety of plants from the sub-tropical areas to the cold areas in the high mountains. This vertical distribution of vegetation is one of the reasons why Yakushima is was designated as World Natural Heritage Site. Yaku-monkeys and Yaku-deer can often be spotted here.  Here, you can drive through a "green tunnel" all year round. 

Directions: Path between Kurio and Nagata


Yakushima Toudai Lighthouse


A 19.6m-high chalk lighthouse built in 1873 on Nagata Cape. You cannot enter the lighthouse, but it has a great view, overlooking the East China Sea and Kuchinoerabujima. It's a perfect to spot to see the sunset. 

Directions: 5 minutes by car from Nagata area

Parking: 5 spaces


Kigensugi Cedar


Kigensugi Cedar is the largest Yakusugi cedar that is accessible by car (19.5 meters in height and trunk circumference of  8.1m). It stands at an altitude of 1,230m in a cool temperate forest area. It's estimated to be 3,000 years old. 

Directions: 50 minutes by  drive from Anbo or 1 minute walk from Bus stop No.72 "Kigensugi"

Parking: 5 spaces


Sarukawa Gajumaru


A big banyan tree in Takahira District. Go up the hill from the main road, enter the subtropical forest on the right, you will see a huge banyan tree entangled like a rope with hanging air roots. The atmosphere around this tree makes one think that fairies live there.

Directions: 10 minutes on foot from bus stop No.81 "Nakabashi"

Parking: 5 spaces


Kozue Kairo Canopy Walk


Experience walking in the forests along treetop walkway as long as 300m.
Located in Hara, southern part of the island. Ideal for young children to adults. 

*Reservation required 

Admission: 1,000 to 3,000 yen depending on activity


Directions: Pick-up service available from Hara Iriguchi bus stop (No.88)

Tel: 0997-49-3232


Nakama Gajumaru


A  giant banyan tree near Nakama River. You can walk through the tree tunnel.

Directions: 2 minutes on foot from bus stop No.123 "Nakama"

Parking: 2 spaces


Kuriogawa Mangrove Tree


Kandelia obovata is a kind of mangrove that grown along the coastal salt marshes in subtropical regions. The mouth of Kurio River is the only place they grow in Yakushima. They are protected as Yakushima Town Cultural Properties.

In Japan, they grow in Okinawa, Amami to Tanegashima and Satsuma peninsula. This type of mangrove are somewhat susceptible to the cold and Yakushima is one of the northernmost regions where they can grow. 

Notice: As it is a protected habitat, please observe from plaque on the bank.

Directions: 5 minute walk from bus stop No.127 "Kuriobashi"



Kuchinoerabu Island


Kuchinoerabujima Island lies 12 km northwest of Yakushima Island. It's a volcanic island that you can get to by a ferry that leaves once a day from Yakushima Island.


The whole island is a Natonal Park and designated as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. There is a lot of wildlife on the island including the endangered Erabu fruit bat. It is a valuable location for fieldwork and many researchers visit to study the volcano, flora and fauna and fish. 

Directions: Public run Ferry Taiyo runs once a day from Miyanoura Port to Honmura Port (duration 1h40).

Website: Kuchinoerabujima Island Tourism Site


Village Tours


Learn about the history and culture of the villages in Yakushima. The tour includes visits to historical and industrial sites that are not introduced in guidebooks.

Make a reservation by phone or online.


Fee: Adult 1,500 yen, (2,500 yen including lunch)

Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Tel: 0997-42-2900 


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