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There are numerous waterfalls on this rainy island. Here are three of the best waterfalls that are relatively easy to get to. 




Ohko Waterfall is a famous waterfall in Yakushima with a height of 88m. It has been selected as one of the Top 100 Waterfalls in Japan. You can get close to the waterfall and get sprayed by the water.

Facilities: Accessible toilets available

Directions: 5 minutes walk from bus stop No.129 "Ohko no Taki"

Parking: 5 spaces




A powerful waterfall with a drop of 60m that flows down from a huge granite gorge of about 200 m in width. It is said that the name comes from the rock on the left side of the waterfall, which is as large as a thousand people holding hands.


Facilities: Accessible toilets available

Directions: 50 minutes on foot from bus stop No.88 "Hara "

Parking: 10 spaces and 3 spaces for buses




A waterfall flowing directly down to the sea, which is rare in Japan. The height changes depending on the tide.


Facilities: Accessible toilets available in Pontankan, a souvenir shop.

Directions: 3 minutes on foot from bus stop No.87 "Tainogawa"

Parking: 30 spaces and 4 bus spaces available at Pontankan

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